Andrew L. Pettit Architecture


  • New York, NY


  • Andrew L. Pettit
  • Jong Hwa Lee
  • Pakarang Chomprang
  • Vasudha Mittal
  • Shijin Ma
  • Elly-Anne Ehrman

Andrew Pettit formed the firm of Andrew L. Pettit, Architect in 1971 and continues to serve as its principal. The firm began with a focus on revitalization and rehabilitation of the solid housing stock of the inner city and developed a clientele of families moving back into New York City and developers providing housing and commercial spaces for this new mix as well as business interests looking to establish a central identity along with this change.

Adaptive re-use and renovation of existing building types to accommodate new apartments and alternate uses became a hallmark of this growing office. Consequently, new apartment and mixed-use buildings, institutional renovations and commercial office work were soon incorporated into the firm’s experience. This allowed Andrew L. Pettit, Architect to offer a wide range of professional representation including architectural and interior design expertise.

The experience of Andrew L. Pettit, Architect brings a varied and unique perspective to old problems and a fresh and confident approach to new ones. The firm has renovated over one hundred brownstone buildings, designed and executed numerous condominiums, restaurants, residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings and are therefore experts in addressing distinct and difficult conditions.