Duplex on Riverside Drive

New York, NY

Contemporary duplex apartment on Riverside drive in the Upper West site of Manhattan. The two floors are connected by an internal staircase.

The lower floor is the public floor is a large open floor plan with the formal living room, dining and kitchen. Further, the upper floor is the private floor with the bedrooms, a study and a family room. The double height space with a light staircase provides for physical & visual connectivity.


The owners were a family that likes to entertain a lot of people. Consequently, the open floor plan made the living room limitless and the low window sills with seating all along allowed for a lot of people to be accommodated. Additionally, the dining table has bench seating on one side for flexibility.

The duplex maintains a cool and soft Mediterranean color palette. Further, the openness of the house and the light colors spread light throughout.

The entire house has an open feel allowing space for inhabitants to communicate & for children to run around.