Passive House Office Building

New York, NY

9 storys, 2 cellars
15,100 sqft

Brand new 9 story office project in the Upper West Side, New York. The team has proposed a Passive House building system in order to provide a high quality, healthy & comfortable atmosphere. This building is part of the Passive House movement going on in New York City. New York City has one of the most vigorous energy efficient building plans as per the Reforming the Energy Vision 2030.


The building amalgamates traditional Palladian design elements with a modern steel structure.

This project has been designed with a modular building construction system using an insulated precast concrete panel & plank system. Consequently, it would expedite the construction schedule and enable quality control during building construction. Most of the construction components would be prefabricated in the factory and assembled at the job site. The building has 2 cellar floors + 7 office floors + Penthouse Office unit on its top.

Extra Air-tightness and continuously insulated envelop with ERV units allow low maintenance cost as well as comfortable healthy work spaces. Additionally, the office staff could expect to have many benefits from filtered fresh air by ERV units, which could improve their health and productivity. The ERV units and highly insulated envelop enable the building to have downsized mechanical unit for heating and cooling as well. The building controls heating and cooling by heat pump units to increase energy efficiency. Furthermore, the main sources of energy of the building are solar gain through the south side super insulated triple glazing façade and internal heat gain from electronic devices and light source.

The team proposed green decks on each 2nd floor, 6th floor, and pent house office floor. Therefore, office staff could feel 4 seasonal variations and have roof top party on their own green roof deck. The roof of the Pent House 0ffice unit is sloped to serve as a seating area. It provides beautiful views of the Hudson River and skyline of New York City.